Australian Garlic Producers, we care about Earth

Australian Made and Australian Owned

Australian Garlic Producers Pty Ltd was established in 1998 to grow and market fresh locally grown garlic to Australian consumers. Today we are the largest grower and marketer of Australian-grown garlic.

We have commercial supply relationships with Australia’s four largest food retailers Woolworths, Coles, Aldi and IGA ensuring Australians have easy access to locally-grown and consistently high quality, garlic throughout the year.

Australian Garlic Producers continues to expand its operations to meet the growing demand for Australian grown garlic using proven technology from around the world and adapting it to suit Australian conditions.

Australian Garlic Producers have been working together with the major Australian supermarkets (for more than 20 years) to replace imported garlic and to develop an Australian garlic industry.

“Import Replacement Program”

We are all about the garlic

Our founders have a real passion to supply Australia with clean, healthy and vibrant garlic. Currently Australia imports (more than 80%) of its garlic from overseas countries (mainly China), where chemicals banned in Australia are still being used, to grow garlic.

In many instances, this imported garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting and to extend shelf life. All imported garlic is fumigated with Methyl Bromide on arrival in Australia.

Australian Garlic Producers is proud that our garlic is free of harmful chemicals, so you are safe in knowing when you buy Australian Garlic Producers garlic products that you are supporting not only Australian farmers in regional areas, but also an Australian owned company that cares about what Australians and their families eat.

Australian supplement made entirely from High Potency Australian Garlic Oil

Australian Garlic Oil

In an exciting development after years of testing and analysis we discovered that due to the environment, rich fertile soils and unique growing and handling techniques that the chemical structure of the ‘active’ oil within our garlic, was exceptional and unlike anything else marketed in the world.

Australian Garlic Producers are now using a ‘patented’ controlled temperature extraction method, designed to recover complex compounds under vacuum conditions. This is a gentle and highly efficient process, enabling the technology to capture the high potency garlic oil from the garlic cloves as well as retaining all the active compounds.

Australian Garlic Producers has the ‘only’ Australian garlic supplement that is made entirely from High Potency Australian Garlic Oil, produced from 100% Australian Grown Garlic. Through our batch tracing technology, we can identify the exact garlic crop location, that is used in each oil capsule thus resulting in one of the highest Quality Control of any raw material contained in a dietary supplement – worldwide.