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Today, the health benefits of raw garlic are much better understood. It contains compounds within the oils that have been shown to reduce inflammation, boost immunity, lower cholesterol level and the chance of stroke. These same compounds have also demonstrated that they can play a role in good respiratory health and even assist us in fighting the common cold.

Not all garlic is grown equal. Chemicals like bleach, pesticides and poor quality of soil all contribute to some garlic being sub-standard. Some internationally grown garlic falls into these categories as they deliberately treated with chemicals to prolong their shelf-life over the large transport distances.

At Australian Garlic, we have been producing 100% Australian-grown garlic since 1998. Our garlic is of the highest food-standard quality and is not treated with any chemicals, pesticides or additives. Our fields are located in the north-western part of Victoria, a place rich in soil, sunshine and clean air, the perfect environment to grow the best garlic in Australia.

Now, with such concerns centred on our health, wellbeing and lifestyle, and the transparency of where our food is sourced becoming more and more important, we just have one question; where does your garlic come from?

By purchasing your garlic from Australian Garlic, you are not only purchasing products of that is of the highest quality, but you are also supporting local farmers and the local economy.

Garlic is a vegetable that is part of the onion family, it is grown within the soil and the bulbs harvested straight from the earth it was grown in. Garlic does not smell until you crush it, releasing the oils that contain all its nutrients but also the odour and sulphuric flavours.

100% Australian
Farm Grown
High Potency
Low Odour

So, where does
your garlic
come from?

It is thought that garlic has been part of our diet for around 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest agriculturally farmed vegetables.

The ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians all produced raw garlic for its medicinal properties, to use as a spice and even to be given as gifts to their Gods.

As little as several hundred years ago, the English mixed raw garlic with honey and alcohol to treat colds and fever. During the plague that swept through Europe in the 18th century, the citizens of France consumed garlic as way to boost their immunity as did the Americans during the Spanish-flu outbreak of 1918.

Garlic, in short, has been around for a very long time, and yet its health implications are still being understood as science allows us to further demystify exactly what and how the 40-odd compounds found in garlic benefit our health.

What is definitively clear is that untreated, pure garlic grown in nutrient-rich soil and in a clean environment is much better for our consumption than the alternative.

That is exactly what we have been doing at Australian Garlic for over 20 years’ and what we will continue to do.

So, where does your garlic come from?


Did you know that raw garlic contains significant levels of antioxidants that have proven health benefits and can assist in your general well-being?

The Raw Power of Garlic

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100% home-grown Australian garlic, grown 100% for you. Where does your garlic come from?