Australian supplement made entirely from High Potency Australian Garlic Oil

Australian Garlic Oil

Australian Garlic Producers has the only Australian supplement made entirely from High Potency Australian Garlic Oil, produced from 100 percent Australian grown garlic. Australian Garlic Producers garlic is grown on selected sites in rich fertile soils and by utilising unique growing and handling techniques we are able to optimise the ‘active’ compounds developed in the garlic to very high levels.

Australian Garlic Producers uses a ‘patented’ Unique Low-Temperature Distillation extraction method, designed to recover complex compounds under vacuum conditions.

This is a gentle and highly efficient process and facilitates the capture of High Potency Garlic Oil from the garlic cloves by retaining the active compounds from the garlic.

Australian Garlic Producers utilises a batch tracing technology throughout its garlic fields enabling us to trace the exact source of garlic contained in each softgel capsule.

This results in our having one of the highest Quality Control raw material systems contained in
a dietary supplement, worldwide.

One small softgel capsule delivers the equivalent of 3gms of fresh garlic encapsulated in vegetable technology, making it vegan, vegetarian and Halal friendly. Our Australian Garlic Oil was recently analysed by Southern Cross University (SCU) and shown to contain exceptionally high levels of active sulphur compounds (greater than 80 percent).
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"...I have never discussed or encountered a Garlic oil preparation that is remotely similar to what Australian Garlic Producers are producing. The samples and analytical data of the Unique Low Temperature Distilled Garlic Oil, indicate to me, that this material is a high quality, active therapeutic ingredient, with significant health potential..."
The History and Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic features in historical texts dating back some 5,000 years talking about its health benefits. It is recognised as
a genuine ‘superfood’ and has been used to aid stamina, maintain wellness and ease symptoms of illness. Garlic has been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support healthy immune system function, relieve mild upper respiratory tract congestion, acts as a potent antioxidant and releases free radicals formed in the body.

.Garlic has also been traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to help maintain healthy heart function and support general health and wellbeing in healthy individuals.

Our Quality Commitment

Listed as a Complementary medicine on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods Aust L 310086.
Made in Australia to the code of Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP).
Made with High Potency Australian Garlic Oil from 100% Australian grown fresh garlic bulbs.
Made with a unique extraction process, retaining the potency of Australian Garlic Oil.
Australian Garlic Oil is Vegan, Halal and non-GMO.
We use vegetable soft capsules, which are natural plant based,
non-GMO and free from animal derivatives.

Australian Garlic Oil is Free From

Gluten, Wheat, Yeast, Dairy, Egg, Nuts, Corn, Shellfish, Artificial Colours,
Artificial Sweeteners and Preservatives.