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Garlic is used in cuisines the world over and its existence goes back as far as recorded time. The popularity of garlic continues to grow (12,000,000 tonnes is produced each year worldwide) and today's consumer is better informed about the quality they use than ever before.

Until recently very little garlic was produced commercially in Australia. Garlic in Australia is only produced when traditional northern hemisphere growing areas are not in production. Australia currently imports in the region of 10,000 tonnes of garlic per year for fresh consumption and processing. The majority of this comes from China but an increasing amount is now from Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the USA.

Australian Garlic Producers was established in 1998 to grow and market fresh locally grown garlic. Today AGP is the largest grower and marketer of Australian grown garlic and holds the exclusive licences for virus free garlic varieties from France.

AGP contracts the growing of its Australian garlic with suitable farmers offering them its support by providing agronomy and technical expertise, specialised equipment and wide experience in whole process of garlic production. AGP complies with all Australian standards including Woolworths Quality Assurance (WQA) and Safe Quality Food (SQF) standards. From a commercial crop of 500 tonnes in 2006 the target is to produce 3,000 per year.

In 2009 AGP set up Australian Gourmet Pastes Pty. Ltd. to produce and market a range of paste products to the retail markets of Australia using exclusively locally grown fresh product. Australian Gourmet Pastes also supplies bulk product to the processing and manufacturing sector including the major bread manufacturers of Australia.

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 In 2009 Australian Gourmet Pastes became a significant importer of counter seasonal premium garlic from highly respected growers and packers in Spain, Argentina and Mexico. Building strong relationships with the best growers around the world and also having representatives on site for harvest and packing to ensure only the best product is brought into Australian for AGPs customers. The imported garlic meets all Australian supermarket food safety standards.

This enables AGP to offer its customers the very best quality and safe garlic year round and allows the consumer to enjoy the flavour of fresh garlic year round.

AGP continues to expand its planting, harvesting, detailing and storage capabilities to meet this expansion plan using prooven technology from around the world and adapting it to suit Australian conditions where appropriate. We now have the processes, quality of seed, infrastructure and expertise to provide Australian garlic in viable commercial quantities over an extended period. Ultimately due to Australia's geographical location there is an untapped opportunity to export counter seasonally into the northern hemisphere markets.

In China, chemicals banned in Australia are still being used to grow garlic. Australia imports 95% of our garlic from China. Chinese garlic is gamma irradiated to prevent sprouting and is also sprayed with Maleic Hydrazide to extend shelf life. All imported garlic is fumigated with Methyl Bromide by AQIS on arrival in Australia.